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Hand Drip Water Valve Set (black)


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This Hand Drip Valve can be installed in various kinds of drip kettles, with this valve the speed of the water being poured can be adjusted to the flow rate, from smooth to only dripping.

With this Valve you can also make cold drip, V60, Kalita Wave or Flat Buttom Dripper, all can be set so that the flow consistency is very regular, you don’t have to worry about over flow.

This valve can be installed in various kinds of kettles, one set consists of 1 Valve, 2 Silicone Head Nozzles.


Please note !!! If the kettle has been installed with this valve, do not use it on the stove fire, because the uncontrolled heat can melt the valve, this tool is safe if used on an electric stove or induction cooker.

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