coffee is a language it self.

Hi coffee friends!????☕️

La Cumbre Pacamara El Salvador



???????? : El Salvador

???? : La Cumbre

???? : grapefruit, jasmine, Darjeeling

???? : 91pts

????‍???? : Emilio Lopez Diaz

???? : Santa Ana

???? : 1300-1550 m.a.s.l

???? : Pacamara

☀️ : natural

???? : (100g NET)

???? : 9/9/2021

Roasted for espresso and filter

Degassing: we recommend degassing this coffee unopened for at least 30days. Best from 30days to 40days post roast.

Brew temp recommended: 93Celcius

Another banger from La Cumbre is a delicious Pacamara natural. This crop is our 2nd purchase of La Cumbre Pacamara, definitely our long term favorite coffee. Unlike his Geisha that is very clean like a washed process coffee, this Pacamara is showcasing the other side of Emilio’s technique. The terroir and brightness of the Pacamara cultivar are perfectly mixed into the natural process flavors.

This Pacamara is very bright and full of tropical flavors. Expect bright pineapple accompanied by sweet notes of violet and delicate sparkling wine when its room temp.

Considering the density of the bean and to accentuate the brightness, we recommend brewing this coffee with 80ppm water.

Vacuum sealing

With Vacuum sealing, Without vacuum sealing

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